Passing the Buck to Drive Creative Thinking in Your Business

do this to drive creative thinking

          I’m sure that managers do not intentionally pass a work responsibility to their employees on a regular basis. But there can be some good from it every once in awhile. Passing the buck to a subordinate can prove to be an effective way to test that person’s ability to think on their feet and test their creative ability.  The results might surprise you.

          As a business grows, so do the employees.  Managers have to ensure they continue to educate themselves in order to keep up with the new demands that a large business creates. Other members have to develop new skills and capabilities.  More often then not the learning curve, while steep, is manageable by one individual.  As the tasks required for success to continue become more complex, the manager, or owner, hires skilled personnel to control that function of the company.  But, that about innovation? What about unique ideas and concepts?  At some point the requirement for a free mind and creative thinking will appear and the current leadership will not be able to keep up with changes or hire an expert.  That is why it is important to know who in your current staff can provide unique solutions and give your business an advantage.  But how? It's simple, just pass the buck.

          If you think that having some creative change will improve your business then take the opportunity when that next project comes along. You need to ensure that the presentation is done on time? Pick a junior member of the staff to do it.  Don’t feed them an existing template or format; just ask them to give it their best shot.  Maybe they come at the presentation a new way, instead of using PowerPoint, they have a short skit and props. It may sound funny, but don't knock it if you haven't tried it.  And who says it has to be a real presentation anyway? Theodore Roosevelt said, "Do what you can with what you have, where you are." That applies to any tough situation.  We all know that doing something is better than nothing. Put your employees to the test, give them a tough challenge and see what they can do with minimal resources. What is the other saying? Necessity is the mother of innovation?

          If you already have identified a creative thinker in your organization then use their natural abilities to your advantage.  A creative person’s mind looks at every detail and is able to analyze the world more effectively. And according to the Creativity Research Journal, creative thinkers also are more likely to think at a higher rate of activity, think for longer periods of time, and keep calm under pressure. All are traits you would want in a member of your team that is tasked to work late nights and long weeks. 

          While no one wants a complete goof ball to close the next account, it may not hurt to incorporate new thoughts or ideas that haven’t been searched on google.  Not only will you improve an employee’s job satisfaction, but you could come across the next big idea.  Each time you have the opportunity to pass the buck, and control the outcome, see which of your employees can step up to the plate, or cave in under pressure.  Better under your watch then when the outcome really matters.