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Use Framing, Vision, and Results for Better Reporting

This post requires knowledge of: Pentagon blows $28 Million on Afghan Uniforms

My interpreter (they are all named Mike for some reason) and I are sitting in an old green tent with a farmer from a nearby village. This thing is probably from the 70's and smells like my grandparent's basement. SSG Woolbuck, another member of the Civil Affairs Team, or CAT, is standing at the tent opening keeping an eye on things outside. There are thirty other farmers squatting along the exterior of the tent, so we're trying to negotiate as quietly as possible.

It's not working.

An argument breaks outside and Woolbuck has to swivel his head out to get eyes on the situation. A couple of men are separated and the noise dies down. Soon after he gives me the thumbs up, I take my hand off my holster and turn back to the man sitting across the Table. I make a final offer of $1500 for his 5 acres of land.

It's 2012 and I'm the Civil Affairs officer for the 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry, a…

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