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A Stone’s Throw

Blog writing is some pretty funny business. A business I got into several years ago in order to find a productive and interesting way to improve my writing ability and capture my thoughts and life experiences.  Sadly, I am not the most organized person and writing has fallen to the wayside as my time and energy have been dominated by the regular (or odd) challenges of adult life. In the few years that I’ve shared parts of my life and thoughts here a lot has change - my writing ability not being one of those things.

So why now? Why this post? Well, there a several reasons. The first reason is that I still wish to improve my writing and to better understand how to turn a written phrase. I hope that I’ll be able to write more often about things in general and share my views more openly so that I can connect with a wider audience and perhaps start some dialogue or some sort of a following. I’m not aware of any of my friends who have a blog or even write in a public forum outside of politi…

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