It's not fish I am after.

So, I managed to get the whole family out to the water the other day. And glad to say everyone got to catch a fish. While the game was rather small, just bluegill and 1/4lbs bass, the battles were epic and many.

It was nice to get back to the roots of fishing. Although I have a 3 year old, that is not the reason that I decided to go the worm/float route. In fact, I enjoy catching small fish and they are about 90% of what I'm going for.  When reading and researching into vintage angling I have come to find that most fishing done 'back in the day' was similar to a cane pole and cork float. The modern and expert techniques of the Valsesia and Tenkara method are nothing more then a stick and a string. So, done right, a bobber and hook can get many wall worthy fish up on the shore.

carbon fiber stick and furled nylon string

I love things that are about feel and authenticity. I don't care much for things that anybody can throw $20 at and pickup at aww-mart.  So when I decided to go the bobber route I looked into what the best bobbers were, and why they were the best. Of course there are several individuals that have taken the art of hand made floats to the next level. One such artisan is Andrew Field ( who crafts some of the finest bobbers I've ever seen. I doubt that I'd be so eager to cast one of his creations on the other side of any lily pad.

always on top

The best I could do with a couple bucks and a keen eye is the thill pencil style. Armed with some sz 10 hooks, a carton of worms, and our fancy bobbers we headed out to the happy bluegill hunting grounds. As the long summer evening waned we casted in relative isolation from the neighborhood that surrounded us and enjoyed watching many strong a challenger attempt to drown our floats and take our bait. A couple managed to escape, some even gave us a scare when running into the grass, and all lived to fight another day. 
look at that bobber

With such a nice evening going down I couldn't wait to wade in a little and get my fly line wet. With a small baitfish fly tied on some 7X tippet and a coupe of roll casts...the fight was on! Soon I was standing with trophy in hand. All 6 oz of it. 

Taking the last spot in the days tournament I joined the gang as we all marched home to get some good dinner and finish the sunset off over some ice cream and a long drive. 
in the south this is called bait